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What You Need to Know About AA Tokens.

In many cases, the AA sobriety tokens are given for specific length of sobriety bearing a serenity prayer on the back. Mostly, a green token happens to be given for six months of sobriety whereas a purple chip is given for nine months of sobriety. The chip is usually given to anonymous of alcoholic while in some cases group members of the twelve steps based on the length of time the member has been sober. The chip traditionally takes the form of a poker chip size symbolizing the duration of time of sobriety achieved and it is also a reward to the members in the program for alcohol abstinence. Other twelve steps program give it to represent the duration of time an individual has abstained from the addictions they are staying away from. Actually there has not been anyone official AA token, the chips happen to be utilized in AA culture though they have no conference approval and also there has been no grant of the AA logo to be used in the medallion. The sobriety chips were not used by the alcoholic anonymous as the first organization as the medallions were also given to alcoholics who swore to quit drinking by the temperance societies. This process was considered to monitor the time of the individual’s sobriety.

The tokens were as well utilized by a certain nun in Akron in an effort to help alcoholic anonymous early members who were expected to return the sacred heart token before an attempt to have their first drink. Meanwhile, it remains unknown how these chips came to be although there is a strong belief that the chips have their origin from Indianapolis in 1942.

The Portland group added to it by assuming a certain tradition, where they used poker chips which have got color to symbolize an individual’s duration of sobriety. This given culture of more sections of the AA continuing to join the sobriety token system made private companies use the opportunity to initiate manufacture of the chips which they availed to different sections alongside the AA for sale. And as much as the sobriety tokens do not essentially help individuals themselves remain sober, the physical appearance of these chips has been seen to have a connection with the bearers self-resolution. Nevertheless, the tokens are used basically to inspire individuals to continue abstaining from their addictions.

About the AA, it is majorly a group comprising of men and women joined together to share their strength, hope, and experiences with the aim to resolve their problem and as well get alcoholic recovery. In various cases, the groups do use a particular color of the token in reference to the duration a given member has remained sober.

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